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A & D Home Health Solutions is a company run by health professionals dedicated to the safety and welfare of seniors. We are owned and operated by registered nurses with years of home health management experience. We are not a franchise. We do not utilize subcontracted employees. Our staff is tenured and experienced. All potential employees are fully screened through criminal background checks, reference checks and verifications of licenses and certifications. Our supervisory and quality control practices are intensive and comprehensive.

Remaining at home improves quality of life and allows for faster recuperation from illness or surgery. We work closely with clients and family to develop a plan of care that is specific to each individual’s needs and addresses those “little things” that are so important in life.

We know that finding the right services and providers for a loved one while managing your own responsibilities can be a difficult and often overwhelming task. Our professional care managers and our patient focused customer service program can help reduce your stress in no time.

Latest news
The most important safety measure that can be taken is to ensure that you are able to communicate during extreme weather. Emergency response systems have self-contained back-up power good for about 72 hours leaving time to contact the monitoring center for assistance. If you have phone service through your cable company and the power fails the response system fails […]
We are living in the “New Normal”, a time when 100 year storms come back to back. If this is the new norm then we need to be better prepared for the next event. It is not a matter of “if” the next big storm will hit, it is a matter of when it will hit. We are […]
There are many reasons that people have for not eating healthy. Here are a few ideas to help you overcome the obstacles to healthy eating. 1. Say “no” to eating alone. Being with others stimulates your mind and helps you to enjoy your meal. Make a date to share lunch or dinner with family and friends on a rotating […]
Often we have a tendency to approach our daily dietary needs with a lack luster attitude. We are fearful of moving outside of our comfort zone when it comes to trying new foods. Frequently we feel that “well, I didn’t like it as a kid so I won’t like it now”, forgetting that over the […]